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The Process for Residential Projects.

Stage 1. Project Assessment

Stage 2. Notices 

Stage 3. Survey/Party Award("Party Agreement")

If your Interested in UK Property - for Personnel, Bushiness or Legal Reasons ?

Stage 1. Project Assessment. 

  • This course will teach you: For Any UK Property
  • How to search the following information
  • Who owns the Property
  • Their Contact address
  • When they Bought it.
  • How much they paid for it
  • If there's a Mortgage on it.
  • This course will prove useful in many areas including property investment, other professional activities or just to satisfy curiosity about who owns a particular property.
  • The Skills taught in this course are once learned can be applied many times over.
  • With the global environment, this course is extremely useful whether you wish to research Property Information Ownership for professional reasons, vitrification research, investment or just curiosity and many other reasons.

Bonus Content Includes:

  • Plan and Flood Risk - More Info Available - Waiting For You
  • Interesting Stuff – It’s Out There
  • Keeping It Tidy
  • Common Errors To Avoid- Don’t Make this mistake
    Sound Music by Bensound 
  • Anyone who needs to confirm property ownership for compliance in order to ensure that they are dealing with the registered owner.
  • Anyone who is curious about who are the owners of a property are.

Who this course is for:

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